A business email is something that is always needed to connect with your clients. Your business card cannot complete without it. This is how your customers can make inquiries, contact customer support, or fix appointments. It is vital to build business loyalty. 

    No business would ever give an email which reads something like “crazyguy1275@gmail.com”. This type of email address seems totally unprofessional and it can easily scare away new clients. Here’s what you need to create a good business email address –  

    Hosting account 

    It’s something like creating a website. It will need a hosting provider like Bluehost to set up a hosting account. You can easily set up a professional email in minutes. Email setup is included as part of a bundle when you create a website. A professional email should be totally branded. 

    Domain Name 

    Usually, a business email should look like support@harry-fertilizers.com. Here, harry-fertilizers.com is your domain name. A custom domain is the next thing you need. You have to get your business domain registered. You can use your website address for email.

    Name and Profile Picture

    If you are using Gmail or any other email client, you can make changes to some settings in the email address to help people know what your business is all about. You may set up a profile picture, full name and signature. It adds credibility to your business name. Your clients or customers can easily see the name when they email you and ensure that their email is going where it is intended to. 

    Spam Filters and Secure Password

    You have to choose a secure password for your business emails and apply spam filters for your address to avoid spam activities, phishing and hacking attacks that can kill your business and also avoid data breaches that can be harmful for your company’s reputation. You may get spam protection from some hosting providers to secure your business email. These filters block malicious emails automatically. You can also add other filters to get a hold on other activities specific to your industry or business. 

    All in all, you need a professional email address that is relevant to your brand. This way, you can stand out and keep your customers assured. 


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