Digital marketing campaigns are the best ways to reach your target audience. These campaigns come under an online strategy that helps you connect with your customer, increases your brand awareness, and convert the leads into sales.

    So, to help you, we’ve put together some of the best digital marketing campaigns run by the brands that increase their ROI and bring outstanding brand awareness.


    Zappos is an eCommerce website, which sets a high standard for competitors by providing a 365-day money-back guarantee to its customers. Customers can return or exchange products any day within a year. Zappos benefited a lot from this campaign, and they have never struggled too much to make their presence in the online market.


    Airbnb comes up with a unique digital marketing strategy that primarily relies on social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They do digital campaigns from different places around the world with social media influencers. They gained a lot of brand popularity for their social media collaborations with Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Drake, Martin Garrix, Wiz Khalifa, and Stefanie Giesinger.


    Slack is an instant messaging tool for your company, and it holds the title of the fastest-growing business app in history, from 15,000 users in 2014 to 500,000 users in less than a year. They always believe in delivering a high-quality customer experience. Their successful digital strategies were built on significant customer relations, and their pre-launch reviews from online publications also help for their excellent start.


    Yelp is the combination of social networking and online reviews, which makes companies approach little differently with the social angle. Yelp tries to build a real social network community that allows people to make friends and create their profiles.

    Yelp builds a trustworthy community because these reviews come from real people, with real names and photos which create a brand reputation and encourage people to join.


    Uniqlo is a Japanese apparel company and is the world’s third-largest retailer that urges the world to dress casually. They always promote themselves as a technology-focused company rather than a fashion company. They always have been trend adopters from the beginning. Uniqlo was the first brand to take leverage of TikTok to run its 2019 campaign, #UTPlayYourWorld.

    They generate unique content for free, and it also helps to build their social following.

    Red Bull

    Red Bull has always associated stunts and challenges and sponsored a different kind of sports and wrestling all around the fascinating world, and it also proves their slogan “Gives You Wings.” Their digital marketing strategy primarily focused on video that contains exciting athletic stunts that get promoted through their audience rather than pushing ads to them.

    At The Bottom Line

    All these brands mentioned above are well established, but it does not mean their every campaign becomes a huge success. 

    So don’t get discouraged if you run into a failed campaign, start by understanding your audience’s needs, desires, and how to cater to their problem and develop different campaigns to take some inspiration from the campaign, as mentioned earlier.


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